Our Team

We can offer your company senior-level expertise on how to effectively communicate with your customers, potential customers, employees, the press, the community, and other key audiences. Our team-based approach is unique in that it allows us to customize teams that have specific knowledge and experience to service a particular client. Each team is assembled by Pat Check, an accredited public relations professional, who is the owner and president of Latitude 34 Company Communications, LLC. Pat has more than 25 years in the PR industry with work experience in the corporate world, agency side, and non-profit organizations. Her teams include other seasoned communications professionals, including senior-level consultants, social media experts, and talented graphic designers.

Here’s some of our philosophies in a nutshell:

  • Relating information appropriately is critical in today’s crazy communications world.
  • Research includes big data AND listening to individual voices.
  • You won’t see any cheesy clip art and ordinary Arial fonts with our designs!
  • Good creative content and social media is understood by those over 35 🙂
  • Be useful. Solve problems.